I only have 1 key to my car

Nobody should ever only have one key to their vehicle. Spare keys are inexpensive and can actually save you money. If you only have one key and either lose your key or lock yourself out of your car you will have to pay for a locksmith to come out to your location to unlock your car or make new keys.

Generally a lockout during normal business hours can cost at least $75 and originating a new key from scratch can cost at lest $125 or more if your car keys have transponders in them. Transponders are computer chips in the key that must be programmed to the cars computer before it will let the engine start. These keys can be extremely expensive and require special computers to program them. Not all locksmiths have the equipment to cut and program these keys.

On-The-Spot Locksmith is proud to have kept up with the times with training and equipment. We can cut and program most all of the transponder keys that are in use today. We have the ability to come to your location and complete the job. This will get you back on the road quickly and does not require you having to tow your vehicle back to the dealer.

If you are located in Rome, Rockmart, Cedartown, Cartersville, Dallas or Hiram give us a call and we will be glad to help.