Beware of the $15 or 15 Minute Response Locksmith Scam

Take it from me a Local Locksmith in Northwest Ga when it comes to locksmiths the guy with the lowest advertised price isn’t always the best deal. In fact, more often the not with these “$15 Locksmith Services” you usually get a whole lot more than you were looking for.

When you call one of these numbers that are advertising such low rates you are connected to a call center or a dispatcher who is most likely located in a totally different state. The dispatcher then tries to locate a “locksmith”, oftentimes a illegitimate one  who is likely unlicensed and uninsured, who can perform the required work for them. In return the “locksmith” is charged the $15 dollars as a referral or lead fee.  At this point the technician is already in the hole $15 dollars, therefore once he shows up to do the work he needs to charge you $15 plus what ever parts and labor fees he can in order to make the job profitable.

What usually happens is the locksmith will show up for lets say a simple lock out and then he will give you a song and dance about how the lock can’t be picked and how it needs to be drilled and replaced. He then will try to charge you $100 or more for a knock off brand that may of cost him $10, plus labor and the initial service call. Thus, once the technician is  done with his work he will hand you a bill that is two to three times the amount that a legitimate locksmith would have charged you for the same work.

The moral of the story is do your self a favor and avoid calling the guys who are advertising a low ball rate, since they are typically a bait a switch operation who are out to take you for a ride.

The easiest way to avoid being scammed by these criminals is to find a reputable, local locksmith before you need one. Program their number into your cell phone so you always have it handy.

Give us a call at 770-546-1990 and I can assure you that your call will be answered by a legitimate locksmith that can answer all of your questions and offer real world estimates for your repairs.

When should a Business change their safe combination

Businesses should have their safe combination changed when an employee with access no longer works there. This will cut down the potential for burglary or theft and give the owner peace of mind that their former employee no longer has access to their property.

We also recommend that businesses change their safe combinations on a regular basis (at least every four to six months) to ensure that only the people that should have access to the safe can get in. On-The-Spot Locksmith is able to change the combination of your dial or electronic safe for your business when the need arises. We offer safe services for Rome, Rockmart, Cedartown, Cartersville, Dallas and Hiram.